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Is Your Fear of Raising Your Fees Stifling Your Growth?

What excuses are you using for not raising your fees?

  • The economy is too weak?
  • People aren’t buying anything but necessities these days?
  • I’ll lose more business than I’ll gain?

I’ve heard them all. I’ve even heard them come out of my own mouth in the past.

Watch this Michael Jordan video and then tell me what you think.

“Become Legendary”

What would it take for YOU to become legendary?

I can tell you one thing, it’s not waiting for the economy to recover.

I think there are five specific things that need to happen on the road to being legendary.

While being legendary isn’t my end goal, I believe that the discipline it takes to walk (or run) on that path is what being legendary is really about.

I had to grapple with one of them this week in order to develop the largest proposal I’ve ever written. I knew I could help this corporate client solve their problem, but it took more than a few deep breaths and a leap of faith on my part to put it all on paper and price it.

Here the five things I believe are critical to the pursuit of being legendary our lives and our businesses.

1. Recognize your gift(s)
So often we dismiss as ordinary the very things that make us unique.  Being legendary requires that we honor and treasure our gifts; that we hold them in special regard. We must nurture or they will whither away and die.

2. Be guided by a higher power
When we live ‘alone’, it’s easy to be frightened or swayed from our calling. Whether you believe in God or your internal guide, connecting with something beyond your worldly ego which will respond to stimuli from a place of defensiveness and fear or power (and not the productive kind).

3.  Do the work
Honoring your gifts means putting them to work.  Expressing them.  Doing what it takes to ensure that they fully unfold. This is a step beyond nurturing them.  Doing the work actually fortifies them. Do the bench presses. Study.  Take classes. Use discipline to get better at your craft.

4.  Stretch your limits
Human bodies & beings gravitate to the state of homeostasis (sameness).  Our brain and muscles tend to want to stay comfortable, in familiar surroundings. Step out. Do things you haven’t done before. Do more than you think you can do. Do it before you think you’re ready.

5.  Measure your impact
Another way we stay small is by ignoring the impact of our presence, words and actions.  Start to notice what happens for your clients when you work your magic.  Ask them to describe for you how your product or service has changed their lives.

Implement these 5 practices consistently and you will transform your experience of yourself. When your sense of self expands, so will your self-worth.

When you know your value, your clients will value you more. Find the courage, confidence and pathway to act on the ideas in your head and the dreams in your heart.

Be unstoppable.  Become legendary. Exceed your dreams.

Nely Galan, Media Mogul speaks to Phoenix women business owners

Nely Galan shared some amazing stories of her rise to becoming a mega media mogul and business woman extraordinaire with attendees at the March luncheon of the Phoenix chapter of the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO).

Approximately 200 women (and a few men) gathered to network and hear Nely’s story of launching Telemundo, creating the reality show “The Swan” and appearing on Donald Trump’s “The Celebrity Apprentice”.

One of her stories revealed how, at the age of ten, she became the youngest Avon lady in New Jersey, secretly dealing tinted lip gloss for her aunt during school lunch break raising enough money to pay the tuition for the private Catholic school her parents wanted her to attend but could not afford.

Nely encouraged the audience to “make fear your ally” since fear is a natural part of the human condition.  She suggested that the presence of fear is an indication that either there is a ‘thing’ that must be done or a lesson that must be learned.

She called the NAWBO Phoenix audience “feisty” and said it made her keynote really fun.  The atmosphere was absolutely electric as we were uplifted, inspired and empowered by her message.

NAWBO Phoenix was named the “Best Place to Network” by Arizona Magazine.  The monthly luncheons are held on the second Wednesdays of each month at the Orange Tree Resort. The group also holds monthly evening networking events.