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How to create more balance and renew your life

New video of me sharing what has my attention these days in the area of life purpose, work life balance, goal setting, achievement and fulfillment.

How to Take Action When You’re Afraid Or Confused

It’s tough to move forward when you’re confused or immobilized by fear.  The natural tendency is to lay low and do nothing, but that just keeps you stuck.  When you confront a big hairy goal, the secret is to move forward even if you’re not sure how you’re going to get there.

I experienced something yesterday that illustrated this point.  I wasn’t confronted by a BHG nor immobilized by fear but was mildly confused about a relatively mundane process.

I was heading to the Arizona State Fair (check out my Facebook album) on a route I’d never taken before.  I wasn’t sure what the most direct path would be but decided to get on the nearest highway and figure it out from there. (It would have been

Well, sure enough after driving just a mile or two, I realized exactly how to reach my destination.  Here’s the lesson, if I had sat in the parking lot or even consulted my GPS, I would have wasted a few moments (or perhaps a lifetime).

Here’s what to do instead.

1. Know your destination
Be crystal clear about the end result you’re aiming for. If you don’t know where you’re going, it will be a fluke if you get there.

2. Take one step in what you think is the right direction
Any step is better than no step at all.  Just as my path unfolded as I drove, your path will become illuminated as you move toward your goal. It won’t if you stay.

3. Course correct along the way
Once you start moving toward your goal, you’ll get feedback that will tell you what to do next.

Pay attention, trust your gut and go with the flow.

The secret is to stay in action.  Move toward your goal.  Don’t let your fear or confusion immobilize you.  Identify one tiny step you CAN make, then make it. Repeat.

The 5 Key Elements for Delivering on Your Dreams

A lot of us have dreams.  Some are more palpable than others.  Some are more likely to happen, but that all depends on you.

Here are the key elements for delivering on your dreams.

1. Clarity
You have to know who YOU are.  You have to know what your dreams are.  This may require some quiet time with yourself to remember why you are on this Earth at this point in time with the experiences you have had thus far.

You must take time to rekindle your dreams if they’ve faded away or honor and nurture them so they take flight.

You have to know who your dream will help and why that matters to you.  The more clear you are about your target market and their problems, the better you’ll be at describing why you are the perfect person to support them.

2.  A Plan
Miracles happen.  However, you can’t rely on them to make your dreams come true.  You’ve probably heard something like “God helps those who help themselves” as you were growing up.  So help yourself.  Map out what it will take to get your dream off the ground.  Don’t overanalyze it, but break the ‘delivery’ of your dreams into time chunks with dates and write them down.

3.  Know How or Resources
Some people never get their dreams off the ground because they don’t know how to get started.  If that’s the case for you, start telling people around you what you need.  Ask for help.  Find someone else who has traveled up a similar road.  Don’t wait until your ducks are all lined up.  Find the ducks you need as you work toward your goal.

4.  Act. Act. Act.
I can’t say this often enough. Step out.  Take chances.  Learn as you go.  Be willing to make mistakes.  Give up the safety of perfection.  Keep moving forward.  Your dreams needs you. Don’t disappoint them.

5.  Get support
People who make big things happen often don’t do it alone. Join a mastermind group.  Hire a coach.  Take a class. Get a committed buddy who is also working on something big.  Share information. Ask for help. Get partners. Collaborate.  Get over yourself.

You are the vessel for the fulfillment of your dreams.  If you have them, they are meant to be.  Your task is to trust your dreams and make them come true.  Release the drive to protect yourself and trust that everything will work out.

It always does.

Staying Focused on Your ‘Big Goal’

One of the topics I speak about is what I refer to as your Dream Destination.  It’s not a desirable vacation spot. Rather, it’s where your career and life would be 5 – 10 years in the future if things had gone far beyond your wildest dreams.

Imagine that for a minute.

You’ve accomplished more than you thought possible.  You’re happier and more fulfilled than you’ve ever been.  The people around you…in fact your entire world, feels joyful and light.

What’s that like for you?

The reason I ask is that I know how critical it is to be keenly aware of where you’re going with your life and your career.

As Dionne Warwick sang back in the 60’s,

What’s it all about, Alfie?
Is it just for the moment we live?

It’s not! Although it’s easy to get consumed and pulled into the day-to-day chaos and fire-fighting of our jobs.

In the moment, there’s ‘stuff’ to do; meetings to attend; deadlines to meet; accomplishments to make.

What makes all this ‘stuff’ more bearable is remembering why you’re doing it in the first place.

Is it so that you can create enough financial security so that you don’t have to work so hard?  Would you then spend more time with family? Travel the world? Write that book?

I was walking toward the mountain near my home Monday.  I kept my gaze near the mountain top.  While it seemed close on one hand, as much as I walked, it didn’t seem to get much closer.  Keeping my focus there however, made me forget I was walking up hill.  It took my attention off the effort of the incline.  I didn’t notice I was breathing hard.

All I could think about were the crevices, cacti, sagebrush and other features of the mountain that I could see.  I imagined myself there, on the mountain top, looking out over the valley.  I felt big, powerful, light and free.

That’s the value of having a Big Goal and keeping your attention on it.  It makes the drudgery, tediousness and challenges of the present moment less irritating because you know WHY you’re doing them.  Without that motivation, there’s just too much work.

Have a big goal.  Know your “why”.  Make sure your team knows their “why”, both individually and for the team.  You’ll have more fun and probably get ‘there’ faster.