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Plan Your Big Win for 2010: Create Your Blueprint for Success

I’ve heard so many heart-breaking stories recently from business owners who’ve been barely hanging on or working harder than they ever have just to stay afloat in this economy.  They pray for a better day. They dream about ‘the good old days’ when sales were easier – when prospects and customers were looser with their cash.

The tides haven’t completely turned yet but fortunately, there are positive economic signs on the horizon.

Will you be prepared to take advantage of the upturn?

I always look forward to the end of the year.

I dream. I plan. I rid myself of stuff I no longer need.

I’ve already started that process this year and I’m psyched!

Unfortunately, as I speak, coach and network at various business meetings, I often hear people grimacing about a wide variety of issues:

  • they feel scattered and overwhelmed by all there is to do
  • they have too many ideas swirling around in their head with no way to organize them into action
  • they have things on their to-do list from LAST year they haven’t gotten around to yet
  • they’re not sure how to get started on anything big, so they keep themselves busy with routine tasks just to feel better about themselves
  • they feel alone at the helm of their ‘ship’ with on one to safely talk through their ideas or concerns
  • everyone is relying on them and they’re feeling the burden they’re so tired, they joy of being in business for themselves has begun to fade they may even have begun questioning their own commitment to their business

I don’t know if any of those issues apply to you.  If they do, it’s a good thing you’re reading this now.  I can help you solve these problems AND MORE and I can’t wait to get started!

“Most people are overwhelmed by all that they could do and fail to do what they can.”

– Ramon Williamson

For the  first time ever, I’ll be sharing the exact process I use to reinvent my business with a select group of business owners and sales professionals who know the value of planning but somehow NEVER GET AROUND TO IT!

I will hold your hand, open your mind & walk you step-by-step into an even brighter future.

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Survival of the Fittest: 3 Keys for Having Your Business Stay Alive

This morning as I stepped out to do my walk, I noticed a pile of feathers by the door.  It was the largest pile of feathers I’d ever seen and my immediate thought was “Ooo. That’s not good! Somebody was in a big fight here.”

So I glanced around and, sure enough, just inches away were a pair of upside down wings and a probably-not-juicy-enough skull. Poor baby.

Then I thought, “Well, sad as it is, survival of the fittest is one of nature’s theories.”

So what are YOU doing to ensure you survive?  What steps are you taking to ensure you’re not ‘eaten alive’?

Don’t end up like this poor bird.  Take these three lessons from nature.

Be nimble
How fast to you have to be to catch a bird?  You have to see opportunities and then strike while the iron is hot.  You can’t wait for leads and referrals to turn cold.  You must constantly be on the lookout…on the hunt. Or if not, you must at least build a better mousetrap and become a magnet for your ideal clients.

Constantly assess the market place.  Listen to what your clients are complaining about and then offer to solve those problems.

Take shelter
As I was walking back home from my excursion this morning, I passed a small gully filled with various desert bushes.  Underneath were several wildlife species – bunnies, quail and ground squirrels – hiding safely from prying eyes and sheltered from the hot sun.

In human terms, this means you must be as vigilant about maintaining your health and safety.  Avoid the temptation to work all day, every day.  Make sure you spend time with your families AND by yourself. Exercise.  Eat the right foods.

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Create a unique ‘bird call’

As I was walking, I heard a beautiful bird call I swear I’d never heard before – or at least, never paid attention to.  The more you can distinguish yourself from all of the people/companies around you who do what you do, the more likely prospects will seek YOU out when they’re ready to do business. Decide what’s special about you, what you deliver, the way you deliver it and the results people get working with you.

Be heard about the noise.

If you implement those three ideas, you’ll be better prepared to survive…and thrive.

Marketing Tips from the Las Vegas Strip

People flock to Las Vegas from all over the world.  While travel to that desert hot spot has dropped with the stock market in recent months, overall, marketing efforts for the town are generally quite effective.

Las Vegas is a town of illusion and fantasy (at least on The Strip.)

Here’s a pic from our 5th anniversary celebration in Las Vegas a couple of weeks ago.

This one is with “Barbara Streisand” – ok, not the real Barbara Streisand, but a pretty decent impersonator who put on a great show with a very young “Frank Sinatra”.

A great time was had by all that night!

When we arrived Friday afternoon we were actually shocked  at the dearth of people along the Strip.  It was a beautiful, sunny afternoon yet hardly anyone was walking and there wasn’t even much traffic on the street! By Saturday, however, the longer-distance travelers (I presume) arrived and the crowd began to swell.

It was a brilliant marketing strategy that actually got us to Las Vegas.  Faced with drastically lower room rentals, hotels and airlines teamed up to create unbelievably great deals to drive traffic back to Tinsel Town.

It got us back and seemed to pull in other opportunists as well.

You may not think there are similarities between Vegas and your business, but I’ve come up with a few that I hope will entertain you.

So what lessons can we glean from the marketing strategies that keep Vegas a destination of choice?  How can you use those lessons to make you the supplier of choice?

1.  Be clear about the experience you want to create for your clients.

Before you open you mouth, ask yourself what you want them to think, feel and do as a result of being in your presence.  Create that ideal client experience in your mind.  Being clear on your intentions will guide what you say and how you behave with your clients.  And they will step into an environment of your choosing.

2. Put your money where your brain is.

Las Vegas is obviously one of the major gambling and shopping spots of the world.  You could fritter away hundreds or thousands of pennies, nickles, quarters or dollars in a flash.  In your business, make sure you are thoughtful about where you money flows.

Invest only in items that will generate positive cash flow with higher potential payoffs rather than hoping on the roll of the dice. Set limits and stick to them.  I invested $5 of my gambling budget and won $6 so I doubled my (tiny bit) of money. But it doesn’t always work out like that. Don’t through money into investments without either a clear return or a clear purpose (like having fun).

3.  Put your best face forward.
People are drawn to success.  Even if you don’t always feel successful, act the part anyway.  Believe in yourself. Reach down deep, find something you feel confident in about yourself and stand firmly on that confidence.  Keep your eye on the prize and let the Law of Attraction create your desired future now.