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Leadership and innovation: Think Different

I’ve gotten into social networking and social marketing. “The Entertainer” shared this video and I just had to pass it on.

People who change the world don’t follow the status quo.  They look at the world differently.  They see possibilities the rest of us miss.

They dare to dream and are unconcerned what people think of them.

How bold are you?  What dreams are you letting languish for fear of the judgment of others?

If you are to set and accomplish big goals, you must let your heart soar.  You must speak your truth.

You must dare to think (and act) different.

Fiesta Bowl 2009, Buffalo Soldiers MC Club & New Year’s Resolutions

My husband has been a musician for longer than I’ve known him (which is over 35 years now).  He has three degrees in some aspect of music education and as such, has been in tons of parades either marching himself or as Band Director for his students’ bands.

The Fiesta Bowl parade however, was my first experience being in a parade.  Gotta tell you, it’s a pretty heady experience being cheered at, waved at and applauded for 2 hours:-)

We actually spent more time preparing and waiting however than parading, but in all, it was great fun!

Here are a couple to tantalize you.

Click on the link below to see the rest.

Click here >> Fiesta Bowl Parade from the inside

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