How to Create a FABULOUS Life

fabulous2_by_demkittykat-d8e804dAs you set goals and think about your future, you might wonder what it takes to make those ‘dreams’ a reality.

Accomplishing them takes more than just stating them. You must create an emotional and psychological environment that supports their realization.

Below are the F.A.B.U.L.O.U.S. requirements for living a fabulous life.

Free from fear
By this, I don’t mean the absence of fear. If you’re living and growing, from time to time, you SHOULD encounter situations that require you venture outside your comfort zone. It’s hard to expand when you stay under the radar of safety and predictability. And those situations often evoke fear.

Living free from fear, means not allowing fear to be the determinant of the action you take (or don’t take). You’ve heard the phrase…”Feel the fear and do it anyway”.

Action orientation
When you stop allowing your fear to dictate your decisions, you’ll be more free to do what it takes to move forward toward your aspirations.  When you’re inspired to do something, follow your inner guidance and start it right away. Don’t dally. Don’t procrastinate. Take action.

According to The Merriam Webster Dictionary, buoyancy is ‘the tendency of a body to flow or rise; the power to exert an upward force; resiliency of spirit.’

Undoubtedly, if you’re living free from fear and taking courageous actions, you’ll likely encounter occasional situations that don’t go as planned.

The key is not to avoid risk, but to learn from it and move forward. Buoyancy will support you in that effort.

I believe we’re here on Earth to learn and grow, to experience and contribute, to express and expand.

Sometimes, people slip into (and stay) a rut. It’s easy to do.  But resist that tendency.  Be conscious and stay vigilant. Always have something you’re at work on. Strive to improve a skill, an attitude, a project, your relationships.

…is the answer. Self-love, love of life. Sometimes my clients confess they doubt themselves. They doubt their abilities and the value they bring. One thing is certain…EVERYONE has a contribution to make.

Many people, however, discount their gifts believing if they find something easy to do well, everyone is equally competent. Sometimes they recognize their gifts but have a hard time feeling worthy and deserving of being paid well
for them.

Loving yourself more deeply will allow you to trust your instincts, honor your desires, and feel more optimistic in life.

Identify YOUR gifts. Appreciate them. Value them. Love them. Show them the respect they deserve. Express them and allow others to benefit from them. And…feel great about getting paid handsomely for them.

This one quality will make all the rest easier to experience. Feeling a sense of hope and possibility will support you in more readily attracting and seeing opportunities that exist, taking calculated risks and feeling happier in the process, no matter what happens.

While it can be self-defeating to act quickly without thought, acting purposefully with speed will accelerate your forward momentum and create outcomes you can build on.

Practicing the experience of tranquility and peace will promote the possibility of optimism mentioned above. These positive feelings will promote a healthy lifestyle, a peaceful attitude and a sense of gratitude.

fabulous1_by_yoshilovesauto-d32gnrfSo include these practices into your daily life and enjoy your FABULOUS life!