Goal Setting: Why You Have to Know What You’re Looking For

Right before our wedding anniversary, I bought a small gift for my husband. I put it in my office and eagerly awaited the delivery date.

The night before our anniversary, I went to get it to wrap it but couldn’t find it.

Disappointed and anxious, I looked everywhere. On the desk where I thought I’d placed it. In my purse where it might have been if not on the desk. In our bedroom where it shouldn’t have been. In the closet, kitchen, office (again)…everywhere.

No present, present.

Our anniversary came and went. He knew he had a gift coming because we were together when I got it. I had to confess though that it had disappeared somehow, but that I was confident it would turn up. (One of my beliefs about myself is that I find things that I ‘lose’.)

Anyway, about 3 days later, I found it! It leapt out at me from…on the desk! How could it have been there all the while and never have been seen? It’s as though it had a  Harry Potter invisibility cloak on it.

Well, quickly I discovered why it had gone unnoticed.

I had taken it out of the bag it came in and just the tiny gold box that held the gift was ‘visible’.

I wasn’t looking for a tiny gold box. I was looking for a white bag, folded over with a little box inside. A simple distinction, but missing it meant looking high and low for three days!

Three days and it was there the entire time!

My point in telling you this story is to reiterate the importance of setting goals and being really clear what you’re looking for, knowing what the desired end result will be.

If you aren’t clear about what you’re aiming for, you might never notice that it’s happened. You’ll keep searching and whining. And you’ll miss the satisfaction of the celebration you could have had if only you had known precisely what you were seeking.

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