3 Keys to Getting More Done in the Time You Have

Each of us starts each day with the same number of hours. So how is it that some make such remarkable progress toward their goals while others amble through life scarcely having any substantive achievements at all?

There are distinct differences with how they USE their allocated hours and what they fill them with.

Poor time management creates frustration, lower self-esteem, stress and overwhelm.
There are some simple distinctions that allow people to utilize their time more effectively than others.

So how do you avoid that when it sometimes seems you’re not in complete control?

Highly effective, productive people use 3 simple concepts to organize their hours and lives.

1. Belief
They set big goals that they firmly believe they can achieve. It’s the goal-setting AND the belief that are critical. The absence of either will sabotage forward progress. Belief arises out of imbuing goals with emotion. Our brain handles the logical, project management aspect of goal setting. Our heart provides the motivation when things get tough.

2. Prioritization
People who accomplish big things constantly and consistently evaluate what’s important and use that to filter what they do and when. When you start YOUR day, how do you decide what to do? If you’re in business, generating revenue and creating systems to create future revenue should always be at the top of your list. If you work for someone else, replace generating revenue with the major goals you’re tasked with. If you’re retired, place your wishes and desires in that top spot.

Then, whenever you face a choice of what to work on, pass your options through the how-does-this-help-me-accomplish-my-big-goals test.

3. Focus

Once the decision of what to work on is made, devote a pre-set amount of time to completing the task. Don’t let yourself get distracted. Take a short break every 90 minutes if you’re working on a big project. But otherwise, stay in your ‘groove’ until your task is complete.

Simple, yet effective strategies will keep you marching forward toward your goals and future happiness and achievement.

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