7 Steps to an Endless Stream of Prospects and Clients

1.  Create long-term and short-term goals
It’s important to know the big picture of where you’re trying to take your life and business.  Without that, you’ll lack the motivation to get through the tough spots and do the things that scare you the most. You also need to know the NEXT STEPS you need to do RIGHT NOW to make progress toward that big goal.

2.  Determine where you’re leaving money on the table
If you don’t know why you’re not raking in the dough, you have to analyze your business sales process and figure out what the problem is. Do you not have enough people to talk to?  Are you not reaching out to the ones you know? Are they not willing to talk to you? When you do speak with them, do they say “No” or worse yet, put off  the decision to do business with you? If you don’t know the problem, the solutions you come up with probably won’t work.

3.  Identify the most effective marketing strategies for you to capture that money

There are tons of ways to marketing your business. If you try to do all of them, you’ll end up feeling overwhelmed and frustrated.  Pick a few (three or four) to focus on over a short, concentrated time frame.  They might include networking, speaking or blogging. These will get you visibility with your target audience if you select the right venues or platforms.

4.  Develop a concise list of actions to take to promote your business and take them
Nothing beats planning like taking action. Analysis and planning have their place, but in order to make progress, you have to DO SOMETHING. Consistently. Even when you’re afraid.

5.  Create the tools you have been missing that prevent you for effectively marketing yourself
You probably have legitimate ‘excuses’ for why you’re not taking action.  Perhaps you can’t follow up with people because it seems like too much work and you’re not organized enough to pull it off.  If that’s the case, you might need a follow up system to help.  This might require starting a database of the people you come in contact with that you want to and having preset messages you can customize and send to them.  This will make it infinitely easier for you and you won’t feel like you’re starting from scratch every time.

6.  Track your results
Most people don’t do this but it’s critical.  You have to be able to look back and see how productive you really are.  How many prospect/sales calls did you make yesterday?  You’ve probably heard the expression, ‘What gets measured, gets managed. What gets managed, improves.’  So start measuring and tracking your actions.

7.  Get support to stay on track
When you’re in business for yourself, there is generally no one holding you accountable for growing your business.  Your customers are holding you accountable, but it’s for their benefit in making sure you deliver on what you promised them.  If you have a team, you should definitely include them in the planning process and keep lines of communication open during service delivery.  But if you’re the boss, few of them will have the courage to manage you since you hold the purse strings to their future. Plus, you’ll probably not want to reveal to your employees all of your fears, concerns and trepidations. So find someone outside of your organization who will support you in staying on track.  This could include a mastermind group, a mentor, coach or consultant of some kind who understands enough of where you’re going and what you’re doing to provide some insight and prodding when you most need it.

When you implement these 7 steps on a consistent basis, you’ll find that you attract the right opportunities and take the actions necessary to seize them and succeed.

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