Need More Time? 5 Top Tips on How to Get More Done

roadrunnerrunningsmallerIf you’re like most of my coaching clients, you probably feel like you’re scampering around like a roadrunner – with too much to do in the time you have to get it done.

If that’s the case, read on, this article is all about improving your productivity and getting more meaningful work accomplished with the time you have.

The key is to focus more, concentrate your efforts and leverage your most productive skills.

Here are my top 5 tips for getting more done in a day.

1.  Prioritize
Before you leave at night, do two things: 1) straighten your desk up and 2)make a list of your most important items to accomplish the following day.

When you get in in the morning, start working on the list. Don’t open your email!  Work on the top two things on your most important list for at least an hour, if not two.

If people drop by during those first two hours, unless it’s an emergency (or your boss), ask if you can get back to them later in the day.

2. Get stingy with your time
Strive to reduce the number of meetings you need to sit in on.  See if you can send a delegate or submit a report in advance. For any meeting you conduct, make sure there is an agenda with outcomes of the discussion for each item on the agenda.

3. Be the boss of your email
Open your email two, maybe three times during the day and answer all of the emails during those times.  Then close your email program so you’re not distracted by the ‘you’ve-got-mail’ signal.

4. Systematize
Create/document systems and processes for your staff so they don’t have to bother you so much during the day. Make a list of the most common questions/issues and document your responses.  Cover them in staff meetings regularly.

5. Delegate/Outsource
Identify those things you do that someone else could do (even if you could do them better).  Document the process you use to complete those tasks.

Figure out who around you would be the best person to take the task on.  Meet with the person and explain what you want them to take over and how it will benefit them (and you) to start doing the task(s).

Ask what questions or concerns they have about taking on the task then address the questions/concerns. (Do this for the concerns you have about giving them the task as well.)

Invest some time in training the other person to take them over for you. Meet with him/her periodically to make sure things are going the way you want.

Implement these tips and get more done. Value your time.  It’s a scarce commodity.  Value your gifts and skills. They are treasures as well.  They should be invested in high-return activities.  When you value your time and abilities more, you’ll create more value in your life, business or career.

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