5 Things You Can Do to End Your Year on a High Note

We’re rapidly approaching year end. Thank goodness! I’m quite ready to put this year behind me. I don’t know about you, but I’ve had to work extra hard this year to offset the sluggishness of the economy.

There are signs of hope and optimism on the horizon now. One of the things that surprised me to learn in my economics class was that personal expectations had as much to do with the economy as the actual economic indicators. It’s like a self-fulfilling prophecy, a Pygmalion effect, of sorts.

When people are hopeful and happy, they spend more and the economy improves. When people are fearful and worried, they slow their spending and the economy declines.

Some of the pundits are now reporting statistics that indicate the tide is turning. The number of people losing their jobs is declining. The real estate market seems to have bottomed out, sales are on the rise (slightly) and mortgages are getting funded.

Clearly we’re not out of the woods yet. Still, I’m expecting the general economic climate to be better in 2010 than it has been this year. I’ve heard, as you probably have, that the recovery could be slow and unsteady, yet, there is talk of a recovery and that’s a good thing.

Here are some things you can do to end your year on a high note and position yourself to start 2010 off with a bang!

1.  Dream bigger
Don’t allow your mind and heart be dragged down by the negative energy and talk around you.  Be open to the miraculous (yes, I did use the “M” word). Expect good to happen.  You’ve heard the question, “If you knew you would not fail, what would you do?” Then do it!

2.  Delight your customers in new ways
Find out what issues and challenges your customers (and prospects) are experiencing and create new ways to service them.

3. Partner with colleagues to pursue bigger projects
It’s a challenge sometimes for small firms to land really large deals from big companies because they are perceived as ‘not quite ready for prime time’.  Join forces and your capabilities increase along with your revenue potential.

4. Refer business to someone else
When you give to someone else, it creates a vacuum and they want to give back.  While you shouldn’t give referrals JUST so someone gives you a referral back, giving referrals routinely will set you up to be the recipient  more often than not.

5. Make a written plan
People who have their goals written down earn ten times more than people who only have vaguely defined goals.  They are also happier in life and feel more fulfilled.  Planning requires you to take stock of your assets and how to best leverage them for increased profitability.

When you implement these ideas, you’ll be well on your way to increased prosperity!

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