What Scares YOU? Just Do It!

Most of us live inside our comfort zone. We can’t help it.  Our minds and instincts are designed to ensure our survival so they work hard at protecting us from taking risks and ending our lives, relationships or careers.Scary

We see scary things and people where they really aren’t.  The fear is in our mind, but we attribute it to some outside source.

We play it safe, not wanting to make mistakes and end up sometimes missing out on windows of opportunity that are open for often just one moment.

It happened to me just last week.  I was sitting at a table of friends at a business lunch and thought, ‘We should take a picture all together before the program gets started’. But I hesitated, the conversation went on and then, sure enough the speaker came on stage and the window was shut.

It was a small, insignificant event. Yet, my regret over not seizing the moment settled in, reminding me of earlier times I missed out on something bigger because my fear or indecision paralyzed me. We all do that at some point in our lives…hesitate.

Courageous people step out on faith.  We are all courageous at some point in our lives.  We take action even when the road ahead is not clear.  We at ‘in the moment’ without over-analyzing the situation or checking in on our internal state for too long.

We confront our fears only to realize that the terror was within, not in the thing we feared.  We build courage in those moments.

Confidence is expanded along with our comfort zone.  We find new internal strengths, resilience, resources.

I used to be afraid to speak up in a small group of co-workers, let alone open my mouth in public. But I kept throwing myself into opportunities that allowed me to stretch the limits of my comfort zone.  Now I do it almost every week and it hardly phases me anymore.  And some of you know I’ve even started singing to an audience!

So, what’s scaring  you?  Where are you trapped in your comfort zone?  What steps can you take to break out of that which confines you?  What are you procrastinating about?  What dreams of yours are languishing on the vine?

Trust your inner wisdom but don’t listen to that little voice that thinks it’s protecting you – that is terrified of making a mistake or ooking foolish.

Stop dreaming and act!  Do it now! Don’t think about it anymore.  Quit hiding. Step out of that comfort zone and discover a new expression of YOU!

2 thoughts on “What Scares YOU? Just Do It!”

  1. Very well written with so much truth! When those fears come up and we miss windows of opportunity and it continues in light of our many attempts to just do it, I encourage people to go within and find the source. Work through it and then change your thought around it. Then future attempts to just do it will become less threatening.

    Very well done, Loretta!

  2. Welcome back Cecilia! I’ve missed your comments. Glad you liked this post. You’re absolutely right about future attempts being less threatening once people step through their self-imposed limits.

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