Survival of the Fittest: 3 Keys for Having Your Business Stay Alive

This morning as I stepped out to do my walk, I noticed a pile of feathers by the door.  It was the largest pile of feathers I’d ever seen and my immediate thought was “Ooo. That’s not good! Somebody was in a big fight here.”

So I glanced around and, sure enough, just inches away were a pair of upside down wings and a probably-not-juicy-enough skull. Poor baby.

Then I thought, “Well, sad as it is, survival of the fittest is one of nature’s theories.”

So what are YOU doing to ensure you survive?  What steps are you taking to ensure you’re not ‘eaten alive’?

Don’t end up like this poor bird.  Take these three lessons from nature.

Be nimble
How fast to you have to be to catch a bird?  You have to see opportunities and then strike while the iron is hot.  You can’t wait for leads and referrals to turn cold.  You must constantly be on the lookout…on the hunt. Or if not, you must at least build a better mousetrap and become a magnet for your ideal clients.

Constantly assess the market place.  Listen to what your clients are complaining about and then offer to solve those problems.

Take shelter
As I was walking back home from my excursion this morning, I passed a small gully filled with various desert bushes.  Underneath were several wildlife species – bunnies, quail and ground squirrels – hiding safely from prying eyes and sheltered from the hot sun.

In human terms, this means you must be as vigilant about maintaining your health and safety.  Avoid the temptation to work all day, every day.  Make sure you spend time with your families AND by yourself. Exercise.  Eat the right foods.

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Create a unique ‘bird call’

As I was walking, I heard a beautiful bird call I swear I’d never heard before – or at least, never paid attention to.  The more you can distinguish yourself from all of the people/companies around you who do what you do, the more likely prospects will seek YOU out when they’re ready to do business. Decide what’s special about you, what you deliver, the way you deliver it and the results people get working with you.

Be heard about the noise.

If you implement those three ideas, you’ll be better prepared to survive…and thrive.

2 thoughts on “Survival of the Fittest: 3 Keys for Having Your Business Stay Alive”

  1. Excellent advice! I find too, that oftentimes those opportunities may come from outside of your business. In other words, sometimes the business your in runs out of opportunities. Just a thought

  2. You’re absolutely right Cecilia! That’s why it’s a great idea to hang out with and even study people who are in different businesses than you’re in. Innovation often comes from outside, transferring great ideas from one industry to another.

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