The process of transformation

It might feel like you’re in a cocoon at the moment, waiting for the economic news to take a more positive turn.

You’ve probably heard the expression, “What doesn’t kill you will make you stronger.”   I think that’s quite true today.  All of us should be learning some important messages about how to market and thrive in a tough economy and those lessons should fuel dramatic growth when the economy rebounds.

This butterfly statue is from the Encore Hotel in Las Vegas.  It’s the little sister to the over-the-top and quite extravagant Wynn Hotel that opened a few years ago.

I love the concept of butterflies because I’m all about transformation and these little creatures symbolize that process beautifully.

I’m reminded of a story about a man who found a butterfly struggling to emerge from its cocoon.  He watched intermittently for hours as the poor butterfly pushed, turned and periodically paused from apparent exhaustion.  Eventually, he took pity on the butterfly, found some scissors and snipped the butterfly free.

He was appalled about what happened next. The butterfly stumbled out with a swollen body and tiny, shriveled wings.  What was initially an act of mercy, turned out to be a kiss of doom relegating the butterfly a life of walking, not flying, unable to fulfill its destiny.

The lesson here? Don’t take the easy way out.  Stay focused on doing the right activities, even if it’s a struggle right now so that when things improve, you’ll be well positioned to take off and fly when we rebound.

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