Peacocks, Power & Prosperity

It’s critical in this economy to find attractive ways to communicate the value you bring to your organization and what your organization brings to its clients (internal and external). We should always be in marketing mode and this is especially true when times are tough.

Prosperity arises when people find what we have to offer attractive enough to either part with their money or give us resources we need.

This beautiful peacock sculpture from the lobby of the Encore at Wynn Las Vegas symbolizes the importance of packaging.  During mating season, the male peacock struts in front of his target female, fanning shaking his beautifully colored tail plume.  If you’ve ever seen this courtship dance, you’ll know how dramatic it can be.

Some of you might be loathe to be so shameless in your self-promotion, but it’s a big mistake to assume that if you just do good work, that you’ll get the promotion, contract  or deal you’re hungering for.

You must communicate your value and make it attractive to your audience.  Here are some ways you can (not so obnoxiously) do that.

1.  At the end of a successful project, write a synopsis of what was accomplished, what was learned and how the project benefitted your department, company or client.
Quantify it if possible articulating cost/time savings or revenue dollars earned.

2.  Ask your clients (internal or external) what they most value about your service or product and use what they say the next time you need to ask for more budget or headcount.

3.  Similarly, ask your clients for testimonials that you can use. If nothing else, you can have them ‘recommend’ you on LinkedIn or other social networking sites.

4. Buddy up with someone and make a pact to promote each other whenever you’re not together. Getting good press from someone else will add more credibility than you patting yourself on the back.

5.  Make sure you know what other people value, are concerned about and are motivated by. When you talk about what you do, couch it in terms that they are already thinking about.  Your message will be more easily heard and received.

By taking on a peacock mentality and implementing these tips, you’ll build confidence, get out of your head and into the worlds of the people you’re attempting to influence.  They’ll respond more favorably and you’ll enjoy more power and prosperity.

One thought on “Peacocks, Power & Prosperity”

  1. I love Ms. Huff analogy of male mating peacock. The mail bird is neither ashamed nor afraid to “strut” his stuff. Western culture is based on this model, in other words, blow your trumpet. For those of us who come from culture, where self promotion is frowned upon or even consider a taboo, adapting to the western way of self promotion is very hard to do. One does not talk of one’s talent and or good works, others do that for you.

    Many of us, from the culture I grew up in, usually fail woefully at job interviews, not because we lack the expertise nor do not possess required skills for these jobs. We fail mostly because we find it hard to self promote. Some of us are slow to adapt, many more fail to neither adapt nor adopt western ways of doing things. Hence are trapped in lower jobs. Even when we have the abilities, experience, education and know how to be on top.

    Again on a personal note and shared from talking to friends from the same culture, we found it hard to move up the “ladder” in our places of employment.

    It would be nice if Ms. Huff can tailor her Peacocks, Power & Prosperity to individuals from different cultures. , teach them to recognize how this culture operates and how adapting will enhance their success in their profession and or places of employment.

    Great job, love it and I will start strutting like the male peacock.

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