Choice Points: Decisions that alter our future

choices-760701You’re probably heard me say this before…

“We have more options than we generally see and more control than we tend to take.”

No matter how enlightened we are or how highly accomplished, we all operate within personally designed and self-imposed constraints.

Every day, and many times throughout the day, we are faced with choice points, opportunities to impact the future of our professional and personal lives.

What we consider in those moments and what we ultimately end up choosing to believe, think, feel and act on, are our levers of control.

5 powerful questions to consider as you go about your days…

1. How does this action (or conversation) I’m about to start fit in with what’s really important to me or am I just about to tick something off my to-do list?

2. What do I really want or need from this situation or this moment?

3. If I were just 10% more courageous, what would I do or say right now?

4. If I were granted one wish related to (X), what would I ask for?

5. Of whom could I make that request today or what can I do to get the desired result myself?

Next time you find yourself at a choice point, ask yourself these questions and then move powerfully forward into the future of your choosing.

One thought on “Choice Points: Decisions that alter our future”

  1. What a great message! You have a gift for communicating in a way that reaches the masses. It is so true that what we believe, think, feel and act on becomes the driving force of our results. Great work! Great Job!

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