Wealth Creation & Red Packets

We’ve just celebrated the Chinese (Lunar) New Year.  One of the traditions of this festival is the giving of red envelopes or packets known as Ya Sui Qian which almost always contain money.  These packets represent “money used to suppress or put down the evil spirit” according to wikipedia.

Here’s a virtual red packet for you along with 4 CRITICAL tips for creating wealth for your business this year.

1. Focus on your skills and gifts

The world is full of possibilities, opportunities and bright shiny objects that seem amazingly alluring and enticing.  If we pursued every great idea that passed through our consciousness, we would shortly take on schizophrenic tendencies.

When you find yourself groaning about some tedious task, that’s your clue that it’s not a good use of your abilities.  Identify those things in which you excel and delegate or drop the rest. Document repetitive tasks and give them to someone else to do.  If you’re short on cash, barter your services to get the support you need.

2.  Maintain a positive attitude
This can be a real challenge with all the doom and gloom conversations that we’re bombarded with.  Bailouts, corporate acquisitions, layoffs, bankruptcies – Yuck! While you can’t stick your head in the sand, now – more than ever – it’s important to consciously bring in and send out positive thoughts.

Get that law of attraction working for you.  If you’re spending your energy fretting and worrying, the universe will send you more of that.  Spend time each day, focused on the positive outcomes you desire.

3.  Work smart
In addition to concentrating your energy on your gifts, make sure you’ve got the right business model and strategies to leverage it.  The world is much different now compared to even a short year ago.  Your business model from last year may not survive the year and circumstances we’re in right now.

Step back and assess  who your best clients are and make sure you wondering what’s wrong with your approach.

Leveraging these three key strategies is what we focus on in Get Clients Now.  If you’re serious about releasing negative beliefs, focusing on high-payoff activities and really growing your business this year, join us!

4.  Automate
In addition to delegating, automate routine tasks.  If you find yourself doing the same thing over and over again, see if there is a way it can be automated.  Create templates. Search the internet for software solutions that do the work you need done. Extract yourself from small tasks and free your mind with space to create.

Implement these ideas and you’ll be well on your way to positioning yourself for a most prosperous year and life.

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  1. Awesome article! Thank you so much for the great advice. It can be challenging to stay focused on what we are wanting to create when we are inundated with constant negativity regarding our economy. It’s important to keep focused on the goal

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