I Want More Clients

Come hear me present, I Want More Clients!

Wednesday, Jan 7
Asian Bank
668 N. 44th Street, Suite 123, Phoenix 85008 near Loop 202 & 44th Street Presented by the Philippine American Chamber of Commerce Ethel Luzario, President, (602) 549-1011, mailto:edluzar@aol.com

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Do you need more clients? Better clients?

Do you feel like you’re spinning your wheels with your marketing efforts?

Would you like to make more money with less efforts?

People in many businesses get the best results from active, time-dependent marketing strategies such as outreach, networking and referral-building rather than passive, money-dependent strategies such as advertising.

Assess the effectiveness of your current approach and refine it to land new clients in this hands-on, interactive workshop.

Discover . . .
how you can avoid the biggest mistakes professionals make in their marketing find out about the FIVE THINGS you must do to build your business FAST, concentrate on marketing strategies and tactics that will work best for you, and reduce your anxiety about marketing so you quit procrastinating and START MAKING MORE MONEY!!

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