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ShareI knew I was getting ‘old’ when I realized NPR was my favorite radio station! Anyway, I was particularly engaged by one interview discussion on a study conducted with octogenarians around the world. One of the significant findings was the revelation of the most important thing that helps people live very long lives. The guest […]

Share Uncover the secret motivations that drive your ideal client’s decisions so  your marketing results in more sales Identify the weak links in your business that are robbing you of your revenue Expose the criteria that people use to make purchase decisions about what you offer.  Ignore this and your marketing will fall on deaf […]

Re-Energize Your Business

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ShareRe-Energize Your Business (April 28 – 30) is a 3-day business training, transformational event. It’s for entrepreneurs who are ready to make their business more profitable and more fulfilling.   Event promises: Tactics, skills and resources to ‘amp up’ your business Clarity and focus about the next, most productive steps for your business Freedom from fear Unbridled […]

ShareLast week, I found a pair of sandals I hadn’t worn for years: didn’t even recall that I owned them until I opened the box they were in and saw them.  (Hmmm. What does that say about my shoe collection? It’s not that big…really!) Anyway, I remembered the shoes were quite comfortable and excitedly slid […]

ShareThe question, ‘Why am I here?’ causes a truly deep and penetrating exploration.  It can be a tough question to answer.  We think the answer comes from outside ourselves and mistakenly seek it in the eyes of others. In more uplifting times, their purpose seems more clear perhaps. In challenging times, people challenge their worth, […]


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