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ShareI am a lifelong learner. I’m always interested in expanding my thinking and my knowledge base. Recently, I attended a training and picked up some great nuggets on how to best connect with and influence people. Whether you’re a corporate executive, a business owner, consultant, entry level employee, mother, spouse, neighbor or other ‘character’, you […]

ShareConflict is inevitable. 85% of employees say they experience conflict on the job. Even though there is no line item for it on your income statement, conflict is expensive. Managers say they spend 40 – 60% of their time dealing with conflict of some sort! Fortunately, the negative impact of conflict can be minimized with […]

Share The workplace is a web of communications between individuals and teams. When things don’t go well, we tend to blame the other person or group. If you’re ever tried to change anyone, you probably realize how pointless that is. Our highest salvation and sense of peace is to work on ourselves, rise above the […]

ShareOne of my favorite quotes is from Studs Terkel, author of “Working”.  He said, “Most people are in jobs that are too small for their souls.  They don’t want to work for a company, they want to work for a cause that transcends the dullness of their everyday lives.” Back in the 1980s when he […]

ShareIt’s helpful to trace and understand the origin of the two words.   For a more elaborate explanation, read this article, empathy vs sympathy. I’ll summarize here. Empathy was brought into the English language from the German word Both are acts of feeling.  With sympathy, you feel FOR the person.  You may or may not fully […]


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