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ShareLead-generation is one of the steps in the sales process many businesses struggle with. Here are some effective and not-so-effective ways to pull prospects into your business. List brokers are helpful but not all brokers are created equal. Not all lists are equal. Some brokers sell information that is not useful.  They give you what […]

Share1.  Create long-term and short-term goals It’s important to know the big picture of where you’re trying to take your life and business.  Without that, you’ll lack the motivation to get through the tough spots and do the things that scare you the most. You also need to know the NEXT STEPS you need to […]

ShareMost service professionals I know struggle with holding productive sales conversations.  They either avoid them altogether and never get close to the sale or blab so much about what they offer, that they turn people off and lose the deal anyway. The key is to get your prospects talking so they convince themselves that you […]

ShareI’ve been coaching a lot of financial advisors lately on building their book of business by leveraging the power of referrals.  Referred prospects make faster decisions and do more business than prospects through any other marketing strategy. I LOVE referrals…and I get a lot of them. The problem for most business owners is that they’re […]

ShareHaving spent the weekend in Las Vegas, I had a chance to engage in one of my favorite forms of Las Vegas entertainment, playing the penny and quarter slot machines. I just about doubled my modest $25 ‘investment’ and kept myself thoroughly entertained for a couple of hours. By Las Vegas standards, that was a […]


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