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ShareBelieve it or not, there’s a bird over there, cleverly disguised against the desert terrain. The photo is a little fuzzy because I was zooming fast to capture this quail (I think). He beat out his competition for the female that is nearby but off screen. Right before I snapped this picture, there were two […]

ShareA couple of weeks ago, my husband and I went to see Chuck Mangione who was appearing at one of the local casinos. He put on a great show and ended his performance with one of his most popular tunes, “Feels So Good”. I started thinking about what it meant to have one’s business ‘feel […]

SharePeople flock to Las Vegas from all over the world.  While travel to that desert hot spot has dropped with the stock market in recent months, overall, marketing efforts for the town are generally quite effective. Las Vegas is a town of illusion and fantasy (at least on The Strip.) Here’s a pic from our […]

ShareIt’s critical in this economy to find attractive ways to communicate the value you bring to your organization and what your organization brings to its clients (internal and external). We should always be in marketing mode and this is especially true when times are tough. Prosperity arises when people find what we have to offer […]

ShareKeeping your pipeline full is one of the best ways to build and maintain a thriving business. The problem is that people are often clueless about how to stuff their pipeline and keep it that way. Quite often, they alternate between heavy periods of marketing followed by having tons of work to do during which […]


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