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ShareI attended a webinar hosted by the World Business & Executive Coach Summit today that was aimed at coaches but provided some useful tips for anyone rushing from project to project. The question under discussion was something like ‘how do you manage energy when you’re dealing with back-to-back meetings? I remember those days in Corporate […]

ShareMy last article on being extraordinary received such rave reviews, I thought I would continue with a few more simple ideas. 1. Bring people together. Don’t separate them. The world is filled with real and potential conflict. Conflict is a way of life. It won’t be avoided so long as people have different values, motivations, […]

ShareMy husband and I recently watched two movies, The King’s Speech and Battleship. Both depicted characters who were thrust into leadership before they thought they were ready. Their first reaction was denial, mixed with a hint of resentment, “Why me? Why now?” Neither thought they were ready nor capable. Has that ever happened to you?  […]

ShareI am a lifelong learner. I’m always interested in expanding my thinking and my knowledge base. Recently, I attended a training and picked up some great nuggets on how to best connect with and influence people. Whether you’re a corporate executive, a business owner, consultant, entry level employee, mother, spouse, neighbor or other ‘character’, you […]

ShareConflict is inevitable. 85% of employees say they experience conflict on the job. Even though there is no line item for it on your income statement, conflict is expensive. Managers say they spend 40 – 60% of their time dealing with conflict of some sort! Fortunately, the negative impact of conflict can be minimized with […]


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