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ShareHave you been wondering what it takes to grow your business at a rate faster than the market? Many business owners keep their head to the grindstone. They work hard at their craft and delight in serving their customers. Unfortunately, all that work takes time away from building the business in time-effective ways. Sure, you […]

Share Uncover the secret motivations that drive your ideal client’s decisions so  your marketing results in more sales Identify the weak links in your business that are robbing you of your revenue Expose the criteria that people use to make purchase decisions about what you offer.  Ignore this and your marketing will fall on deaf […]

ShareSelecting a target market is one of the things many business owners fear. This video makes it obvious why you should get over that fear and FOCUS! Tweet

ShareThere are three reasons you’re not getting paid what  you’re worth. This video explains exactly what to do to be more attractive to clients who will pay higher fees for your services. Tweet

ShareMany business owners scrape by serving clients who are struggling themselves.  In spite of the economy, there are many businesses and people who have been unaffected and are willing to pay for premium-level services and products. When you’re trapped servicing the middle or low-price market (which, let’s face it) much of the country is these […]


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