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ShareText marketing is poised to become the next generation of connecting with your prospects and customers.   Think about it.  When you leave home, what do you take with you?  If you’re like most people, you take your keys, your wallet and your cell phone (way more often than you take your PC). Here are some […]

ShareWhy should you be interested in mobile marketing? Think about it, when you leave home, what do you take with you? If you forget one of them, do you head back to get it? Do you feel naked without it? 1. Gen Y and Z consider e-mail passé. 2. There are 5 billion plus cell […]

ShareLead-generation is one of the steps in the sales process many businesses struggle with. Here are some effective and not-so-effective ways to pull prospects into your business. List brokers are helpful but not all brokers are created equal. Not all lists are equal. Some brokers sell information that is not useful.  They give you what […]

ShareI learned a ton recently about creating videos.  I’ve also been studying how to use videos for marketing yourself and your business online. Watch this video and then read the tips that follow: 1. Use an interesting (but not too distracting) background. Having a background adds visual interest. Make sure it’s attractive, neat and adds […]

ShareI talk with a lot of marketing strategists who extol the importance of branding for a company’s success but it’s like pulling teeth to drag most of them down from the conceptual clouds and get specific about exactly what they mean. Every company has a brand whether you’ve proactively designed it or not.  Your brand […]


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