5 Reasons Why Text Marketing Will Trump Email Marketing

Text marketing is poised to become the next generation of connecting with your prospects and customers.   Think about it.  When you leave home, what do you take with you?  If you’re like most people, you take your keys, your wallet and your cell phone (way more often than you take your PC).

Here are some startling statistics that will make you wake of and take notice.

1. Market size
Cell phones usage is on track to reach 5 billion over the next few years versus 1.8 billion internet users. This makes the mobile marketin three times larger. If you’re going for volume, it would silly to ignore this statistic. Even if you market to a niche industry, the chances are the buyers are mobile enabled.

2. Technology advances
51 million mobile users are on smart phones.  Costs continue to drop and technological capabilities continue to improve.

95% of mobile phones have texting capabilities.  73% of new mobile phone buyers say text messaging is the most important feature.  (Do your teenagers answer or return your calls to their cell phones as quickly as they do your texts?)

3. Usage
Every type of mobile interaction is on the rise. 50% SM interactions happen on cell phones. Online networks now send text messages to alert users of status updates.  Mobile apps are almost addictive and keep users ‘plugged in’ to their mobile phones more than ever.

4. Supply vs. demand
350 billion text messages are exchanged monthly. Only 15% of texts include a marketing/commercial message, yet 30% consumers want coupons sent to phones.  This represents a huge gap in unmet needs. Consumers are looking for deals they can access at a moments notice as they are out and about shopping and running errands.

5. Efficacy
Text open rates are 90% vs 8 – 12% for email and 2% for print. Gen Y & Zers actually consider email passé. Some universities have actually stopped distributing email accounts.

So if you’re interested in continuing to connect with your market, you must start incorporating new strategies that reach them where they are.

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